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Nostalgia Hazelnut Raisin Bar


The Hazelnut Raisin Caramel bar features a milk chocolate hazelnut feullentine base with a layer of Sea Salt caramel, sprinkled with raisins and all enrobed in 70% dark Toscano chocolate.                                                                                                     Ingredients: Caster sugar, chocolate (cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla; cocoa solid 65% min) feullantine wafers (WHEAT), praline paste (NUTS), Gianduja (NUTS), whipping cream (DAIRY), piedmont hazelnuts (NUTS), raisins, glucose, sea salt butter (DAIRY).                                                                                                                              Due to processes within our kitchen traces of Wheat, nuts, peanuts, eggs, dairy and seeds may be present.


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